Getting Started

Chirun converts documents from a LaTeX or Markdown source into an accessible HTML format.

Multiple outputs for the same content can be automatically built. So, for example, a single source document can produce a HTML web page that can be easily viewed on desktop, mobile or tablet; slides that can be used to give a presentation or lecture; a PDF ready for printing; a Jupyer notebook; and more.

Chirun can be used to convert either a single input file at a time, or a collection of files combined as a Chirun “course package”.

Running Chirun

There are multiple ways to use Chirun. Usually, you will only need to choose one of the three methods described below. In each case, the output is a directory containing HTML, which can be uploaded to a web server or provided via a VLE for distribution to learners.

  • If your institution has already setup an instance of the Chirun LTI Provider, we recommend making use of that method, as it integrates directly with your institution’s VLE.

  • Those unfamiliar with the system or just wanting to convert a few independent documents should use the Chirun Public Content Builder.

  • More advanced users or those wanting to author many documents in Chirun should choose to use the Chirun Python Package.